Monday the 25th of September


Super Science

In Science this week, 2H have been looking at a range of everyday objects and discussing their texture and weight.  Then we sorted the items in different ways including by…

Monday the 18th of September


Two by Two

This week the ladies from ‘Art Solutions’ have been helping us create a Noah’s Ark display.  2H made a crocodile, two donkeys, a tree trunk and some mountains.  Sue was…


A day at the beach

To finish our topic, and year, we visited the seaside! We visited the village of Tollesbury and spent time down by the salt pool. We had a picnic lunch before…


History off the page

On Monday we had a special visitor, Lizzie from History off the page. She came to teach us all about the seaside in Victorian and Georgian times. In the morning…


Monday History off the page-Dressing up

History off the page have asked if the children could come in dressed for a day at the seaside. This could include: shorts, t-shirts, summer dresses, hats and sunglasses.  …


History off the Page Monday

History off the Page is coming in on Monday! We need adult volunteers for the day. If you are able to support for the day, please talk to class teacher….

Monday the 10th of July


2S – Making and Reviewing food

On Wednesday we made chocolate brownies! We measured the ingredients and followed the recipe. Then we served our brownies to 2SB, and they served us some of there mini pizza…


2SB food critics 

This week we have been trying different foods and creating our own fruit faces. We have written food reviews. 


2S – Batik

This week, we have been designing and making a class batik. Yesterday we glued outlines of seaside animals onto a sheet (this replaces the wax which is normally used). Today…

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