Monday the 23rd of April


Creative Homework- Harry Potter

Year 3 Creative Homework This half term you need to create a book of magic, which may include some of the things listed below. You need to have completed and…


Summer Term in year 3 

Yesterday we started our first day in summer term.  Harry Potter is our new topic. Louis brought in a wonderful clip of himself riding a broomstick. Also, we started to…


Multiplication/Division investigation

Frances and Rishi were given a bag of lollies. They shared them out evenly and had one left over. Just as they had finished sharing them, their friends, Kishan, Hayley…


year 2/3 Production

We look forward to seeing you 3:30pm Tuesday 27th March or Wednesday 28th March at 6:30pm. (Children need to be back in school by 6pm.   Here is a taster…

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