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Monday the 20th of November


3H Spellings

Spelling pattern- y saying the short i sound.   7 List- Gym Myth Lyric Hymn Egypt Syrup Crystal 10 List- Myth Gym Egypt Pyramid Mystery Hymn System Symbol Lyric Typical


Year 3 school trip to Barleylands 

What a wonderful day for all! The children created Stone Age bread and stew. They went on an exciting tractor ride and fed the animals. Mrs Metson 

Monday the 13th of November


Dinosaur Shape Maths

A team leader was appointed to make sure that everyone in the group had a part to play. We created a dinosaur out of 2d shapes and counted how many…


The Life Bus

 On Thursday we enjoyed our time on the Life Bus learning about how our bodies  work and then discussing friendship. Nancy led the session with help from Gerald the giraffe…


3H Salt Dough Fossils

Look out for the finished result as we are waiting for them to dry.


3M Lifebus experience

We had the Lifebus visit again. The children were brilliant and really enjoyed their time with Nancy and Harold.  Mrs Metson 

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