Multiplication using Arrays-

(Example 1)   We looked at arrays to help us understand multiplication as rows and columns of numbers of objects.  Example 1 shows 2 columns of 5 or 5 rows…

Monday the 19th of February


3H- Spellings and Homework

I hope you have had an enjoyable, relaxing break. I have not set Mymaths homework over the holidays so that those of you who are behind with this can catch…

Monday the 12th of February


Creating a Chocolate bar

The children designed and created there own chocolate bars. I was so impressed with their chocolate bars ideas, advertisements and attitudes.  Thank you to all the parents for your help…


PowerPoint on how chocolate is made

The children applied their skills of copying and pasting to create a PowerPoint on how chocolate is made.  Mrs Metson 


Working together 

The children worked in their Maths trios to create a poster that explained column subtraction. The children worked hard in their groups to create their posters.  Mrs Metson 


Spellings 3H – Sc

7 list Science Scent Scissors Scene Scenery Scientist Scented   10 List Science Crescent Discipline Fascinate Scent Scissors Ascent Descent Scientist Scenery


Making Chocolate Bars

Inspired by Charlie and The Chocolate Factory we are making our own chocolate bars to sell at open door on Friday.  Please remember to bring in £1.


Making a chocolate bar

The children this week are designing and creating a chocolate bar.  Your child has designed a chocolate bar and we have asked them to bring in an item from home…

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