When planning for serendipity day, the children asked if they could play a new sport in school. Therefore, today, both classes started practising the skills needed to play Badminton. Badminton…



After a thought-provoking remembrance church service this morning, 5F completed a range of serendipity activities. All the activities were chosen by the children and helped us to recognise and celebrate…

Monday the 12th of November


My Maths – 5F

Every child has at least two pieces of My Maths to complete by next Friday. The majority of the tasks are working on multiplying or dividing by powers of 10…


Databases – sorting and filtering

Year five have been continuing their learning on databases from before half term. Today, they learnt how data can be stored in a spreadsheet style database using the Microsoft program…


Road Safety with 1M

After learning about the ‘Green Cross Code’ (www.roadwise.co.uk/schools/using-the-road/green-cross-code) last week, 5F joined 1M to put their road safety skills to the test. After pairing up, 5F spoke to 1M about…


The Royal British LegionĀ 

We were very lucky to have visitors today with some interesting artefacts and information to share in anticipation of our visit to the church for Remembrance. 

Monday the 5th of November


Tiger Art

Some extra touches to our artwork.


PSHE on the Life Bus

Friendships, peer pressure, online problems, the body and our physical and emotional needs were all topics covered during our visit. A very enjoyable and successful afternoon of learning.

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