FAKE NEWS? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

Today in ICT, year 5 were introduced to an interesting website – Dog Island. At first the children were quite taken by the information about an island owners can send their dogs to. On this island the dogs can relax and enjoy socialising! Or can they? We then revealed that this information and web page was untrue. This was used to have a discussion about the information we read on the internet and social media. We discussed the importance of being safe on the internet and checking the reliability of the websites we visit. Linking this to our PSHE about being a good friend, the children discussed the importance of not believing everything you hear on the playground as this can be how rumours start.


Here are the websites below which we used to stimulate our discussions – you may want to take a look and talk to your children about it. There are also some pictures of the children reading all about Dog Island.