1st – 5th Y6 Residential
TUE 2nd Y1 Parent/pupil English 9-9.30am
WED 3rd YR Parent/pupil English 9.10-10.00am
THU 4th Y5 Parent/pupil English 9-9.30am
THU 11th Harvest Church Service 9.30 am (RJ, 1M, 2H, 3T, 4B, 5F, 6L) 10.10am (RB, 1C, 2J, 3C, 4H, 5H, 6T)
15th -18th Book Fair
THU 18th Open Door 3pm
FRI 19th School closed – Staff Training
22nd – 26th HALF TERM
30th -2nd Life Bus and Phase Safety Workshops
5th + 6th Prospective parents visits 10.00am
WED 7th Learning Conferences 3:30 – 7:00
THU 8th Individual and Family Photographs
THU 8th Learning Conferences 3:30 – 7:00
FRI 16th Charity Day
12th – 16th Enterprise Event
WED 21st Y6 Communion
FRI 23rd Enterprise and PTFA Christmas Sale
FRI 23rd Flu Immunisations (am)
MON 10th YR + Y1 Nativity 2:30pm
TUE 11th YR + Y1 Nativity 2:30pm
THU 13th Christmas Dinner
THU 13th Christmas Carol Candlelight Service
THU 13th PTFA Disco
FRI 14th Open Door 3pm
WED 19th Last day of autumn term
THU 3rd First day of spring term
TUE 8th Y4 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
WED 9th Y6 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
THU 10th Y5 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
TUE 15th Y1 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
WED 16th Y2 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
THU 17th Y3 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
WED 13th Y4 +Y5 Production 6:30pm
THU 14th Y4 +Y5 Production 3:30pm
FRI 15th Open Door 3pm
18th – 22nd HALF TERM
25th – 28th Book Fair
WED 6th Learning Conferences 3:30 – 7:00
THU 7th Learning Conferences 3:30 – 7:00
WED 13th Y3 Communion
TUE 19th House Matches
FRI 22nd Charity Day
TUE 2nd Y2 + Y3 production 3:30pm
WED 3rd Y2 + Y3 production 6:30pm
THU 4th Easter Church Service
FRI 5th Open Door 3pm
FRI 5th Last day of spring term
8th -22nd EASTER BREAK
TUE 23rd First day of summer term
MON 6th Bank Holiday
WED 8th KS2 Athletics Final Day
13th – 17th Y6 SATs Week
TBC Y4 Overnight Residential
THU 23rd Class and Team Photographs
FRI 24th Open Door
27th – 31st HALF TERM
MON 3rd School closed – Staff Training
TUE 25th Summer Concert 6:30pm
WED 3rd Open Evening of Learning 5:00 -7:00pm
THU 4th School Closed – Learning Conferences
FRI 5th School Closed – Staff Training
TUE 9th Sports Day + Family Picnic
TUE 16th Y6 Production 6:30pm
THU 18th Y6 Leavers Assembly and Leavers party