THU 3rd First day of spring term
TUE 8th Y4 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
WED 9th Y6 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
THU 10th Y5 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
TUE 15th Y1 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
WED 16th Y2 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
THU 17th Y3 Parent/pupil maths 9-9.30am
WED 13th Y4 +Y5 Production 6:30pm
THU 14th Y4 +Y5 Production 3:30pm
FRI 15th Open Door 3pm
18th – 22nd HALF TERM
25th – 28th Book Fair
WED 6th Learning Conferences 3:30 – 7:00
THU 7th Learning Conferences 3:30 – 7:00
WED 13th Y3 Communion
TUE 19th House Matches
FRI 22nd Charity Day
TUE 2nd Y2 + Y3 production 3:30pm
WED 3rd Y2 + Y3 production 6:30pm
THU 4th Easter Church Service
FRI 5th Open Door 3pm
FRI 5th Last day of spring term
8th -22nd EASTER BREAK
TUE 23rd First day of summer term
MON 6th Bank Holiday
WED 8th KS2 Athletics Final Day
13th – 17th Y6 SATs Week
TBC Y4 Overnight Residential
THU 23rd Class and Team Photographs
FRI 24th Open Door
27th – 31st HALF TERM
MON 3rd School closed – Staff Training
TUE 25th Summer Concert 6:30pm
WED 3rd Open Evening of Learning 5:00 -7:00pm
THU 4th School Closed – Learning Conferences
FRI 5th School Closed – Staff Training
TUE 9th Sports Day + Family Picnic
TUE 16th Y6 Production 6:30pm
THU 18th Y6 Leavers Assembly and Leavers party