PE and Sports Premium Grant Expenditure: Financial Year 2017/2018


Number of pupils and PE and Sports Premium Grant (SPG) received
Total number of pupils on role 400
Total amount of SSG received £9,905
Nature of support from September 2017
We support improvement in sport participation through subscribing to competition in our locality through the Blackwater Sports Partnership and Football in the Community.

Some of the grant is used to fund a minibus so that teams can regularly attend competitions and classes can access external facilities. Our isolated location and a large proportion of our parent body being commuters, create a barrier which could interfere with teaching and learning if the funding did not support this.

We support families in financial difficulty to access sport within and beyond the school and subsidise enrichment ventures where elite athletes can be inspired to greater achievements.

Measuring the impact of SPG spending
The measurement of the impact of the support and interventions shows that we have a high proportion of pupils attending extra curriculum sporting activities; our school teams are regularly successful in winning tournaments and events; A large number pupils are represented at club and county level in their respective sports and we promote the participation of gifted and talented pupils accessing their sport during curriculum time.