Daily Learning Tasks – Wednesday 1st April

Good morning year three – try not to fall for any April Fools’ day jokes today. Here are the tasks Miss Taylor and I have set for today’s learning. Each task gives you plenty of room to develop your own ideas and include different creative skills.

  • Maths: design your own daily television schedule
  • English: use the internet to find out why we have Easter eggs for Easter
  • Topic: design a new Easter egg

Here are some more details:


Yesterday you investigated a day’s programmes on the television channel CBBC. Today you need to make up the details for your own television channel. What will viewers be able to watch? What time will each programme start and finish? Can you include times using a 24-hour clock? Each programme could include the duration from yesterday’s learning.


Complete some research to find out about Easter and why we have Easter eggs.

Here are a few useful links or you could use a sensible search on google such as: information about Easter for children

Link AF

Link One

Link Two

What will you do with the information that you discover? How will you present your facts? What would a Christian say about Easter?


Brands like Cadbury create lots of different packages for the range of Easter eggs that they sell. Some are aimed at young children and others try to attract adults. Task: design your own Easter egg. Think about a suitable name, persuasive colours, shapes, free gifts or characters to go on the packaging.

Can you link this to your learning on 3-D shapes?