Home Learning 31.3.20

Good morning Year 5!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hope you all had a good start to your week.

Remember there is lots of online learning out there currently especially on top-marks or bite-size so you can always have a look to see what you can find if you run out of tasks.


This week we are going to be reminding ourselves how we tell the time! Look at the clock now – what is the time? What is the difference between an analogue and digital clock? What does 12hr and 24hr mean? What times do you already know? How many minutes in an hour? How many minutes in 2 hours? How many minutes in 2 hours 23 minutes? Take note of the times during the day.

Look at the following games – some are trickier than others


EXT: Wonky Watches

Mandeep’s watch loses two minutes every hour.Adam’s watch gains one minute every hour.They both set their watches from the radio at 6:00 a.m. then start their journeys to the airport. When they arrive (at the same time) their watches are10minutes apart.

At what time (the real time) did they arrive at the airport?


Look back at the picture you used yesterday on www.pobble365.com

Identify who you think the main character is. Think of some questions you could ask them – use the 5Ws. Try hot-seating yourself as the main character and ask an adult/sibling to ask you your questions that you can then answer in character. Write down some answers to your questions as well.


Have a go at this cosmic yoga trolls edition. What yoga positions could you ‘magpie’ to create your own yoga routine?

Have a super Tuesday everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey