Learning Tasks – 28th March

Morning Year 2. I hope you had a good weekend. Below are your learning tasks for today.


A reasoning problem today.

If you find this tricky, I suggest you start by putting any colour anywhere then seeing how many of the rules it matches. This method is called Trial and Error. If you finish this puzzle quickly you might want to try the classic peg game Mastermind or a Suduko.


Learn a new craft skill. There are lots of different activities you might choose from. Two that I can recommend are finger weaving (there are lots of good YouTube videos for this) or friendship bracelets. These are great for improving your finger strength and helping you think about adapting designs to make them more attractive. If you do not have wool to use then string will work too. String is also good as it can be painted or coloured before it is used to make more exciting patterns.


This week I would like you to have a go writing a jungle story. Today plan your story. I suggest you include a journey (this could be walking through the jungle, travelling by canoe etc). Draw a story map of your ideas to make it easier to write your final story.

To practise your writing I would like you to think about these following spelling patterns.

ur and ir

Both of these are middle patterns and there are no real tricks to remembering which is the correct one. You could practise them with rainbow writing (writing with a different colour pen for each letter), waterfall writing (t, th, thi, thir, thirs, thirst), look cover write check or blind writing (writing the spelling without looking).