Learning Tasks – 31st March

Morning Year 2. Below are your learning tasks for today.


A shape reasoning problem today.

When you are working with shapes try and use the posh names to describe it. Vertices (corners), edges (sides). What pictures can you make using different shapes.


Before we left school we had started learning the words for the Jungle Book play and singing the songs. Today spend some time singing your favourite song. This could be on your own (a solo) or as part of a group with other members of your family. Could you take it in turns singing different verses or one person singing the chorus. Does your family have any favourite songs. Can they teach them to you?


Using yesterdays plan, I would like you to start writing your story beginning. When you write your beginning make sure you include your setting (where you are) and who you main character is. Today’s skill is to include describing words. Remember these go in front of the nouns and you can include more than one together (dark, stormy). You can also use descriptive phrases using prepositions (where things are), for example The thundery story crashed around the inky Indian jungle.