Learning Tasks – Monday 30th March

Good morning year three. We hope that you had a fun weekend. Miss Taylor and I would like you to focus on some key skills today: telling the time, spelling words and solving ICT challenges. For the rest of the week, we will basing our tasks on chocolate.

Here are today’s home learning tasks:

  • Maths: complete the two My Maths tasks about time
  • English: practise spelling words with ‘ou’ or ‘ow’ – click here
  • Topic: use this link to solve some coding problems – click here

More details if needed:


Telling the time and counting forward and backwards in minutes and hours can be tricky. Drawing pictures of clocks and their hands can help or trying to visualise what is happening with the hands in your head is another strategy. The column method does NOT work as time doesn’t work in 100s. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day.

This website gives some general advice on time – click here

English / Spelling:

The sound you make if you hurt yourself can be represented using the digraphs ‘ou’ and ‘ow’. This website (click here) gives you some useful advice and a list of words. Use any of the methods you have learnt in school to practise spelling these words. Perhaps you could teach your parents some of our spelling games and activities.

Topic / ICT:

The website code.org has many useful activities for you to learn early coding skills. One of my favourite tasks is the Angry Birds activity. Click the link here (click here) to try 20 different challenges which should take around an hour to solve. The video in the bottom left hand corner gives some helpful hints and tips.