Tuesday 31st March 2020 – Home Learning Tasks

Good morning year 4! Keep going. You are all doing a fantastic job!

Here are your daily learning tasks:

Maths: multiplication

English: animal fact file

Reading: comprehension


Please remember there are no limits to the tasks being set. You can take the learning in which ever direction you choose. For instance: if a maths task has been set, completed and understood – why not extend your learning? Put the learning into real life situations. ‘Google’ some more challenging questions. Create a game using the skills. Make a video of yourselves teaching the skill to others.

Reflect on your learning. Why didn’t you understand? Can you ask someone to help? Phone a friend? What could you do better next time? العب وربح Did you use a range of skills to complete the task? Could you think of a better way to show your learning?


Here is some more information if required:


Choose your challenge – are you going to use grid method or column method for challenges 2 and 3?


Grid method recap: https://www. قمار youtube.com/watch?v=sSDaT4_YRCo

Why not give yourselves an online test? There games too:



Here are some differentiated reading comprehension tasks – could you create your own questions for a friend or adult to answer?



Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, helps him throughout his time at Hogwarts. Choose an animal that you would have as your companion at wizard school and write a fact file about your animal. قوانين البوكر بالصور

Fact files usually include: an introduction, subheadings, factual information, information grouped in paragraphs – what other skills will you include?


Best wishes,

Year 4 Team