Tuesday 31st March – Daily Learning Tasks

Here are your daily learning tasks. We are starting to look at chocolate.

  • Maths: work out the length of the programmes on CBBC today – click here

Use dice or playing cards to practise your times tables with a family member.


  • Spelling: practise spelling words with ‘ou’ that don’t make the usual sound.

Examples: touch, young, double, couple, trouble, country, country, cousin, courage, encourage, flourish, nourish


  • English / Topic: find out about chocolate using the information below and complete a piece of topic learning.


Further details:


Look at the children’s programmes on the channel CBBC by clicking here. How long is each programme on for? We call this the duration. Can you make up your own time questions for a family member to solve? For example: If I watch Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed! and Danger Mouse, how long will I be in front of the TV?


Yesterday, you investigated words that included the sound ‘ouch’ that are spelled using ‘ou’ and ‘ow’. Today you need to focus on words that are spelled using ‘ou’ where the sound is more of a ‘uh’. Remember there are many different methods you can use to help you spell and remember the spelling of these words.

English / Topic:

The following links and the attached PowerPoint presentation direct you to information about how chocolate is made.

What is the main ingredient of chocolate? – click here

How chocolate is made – click here

Complete a piece of topic learning  using your English skills to show what you have learnt. This is a free choice activity where you can decide on the direction of your learning. You might like to create a fact sheet, write a story or poem, shoot a video or design a PowerPoint.

Remember: you need to show that you have understood how chocolate is made.