Friday 24th April – Daily Learning Tasks

Good morning year three! It was lovely to hear from some of you by email yesterday. Miss Taylor and I have been very impressed with how many of you have completed your My Maths.

Numeracy: learn how to add fractions together and solve the set ‘My Maths task’.

English: investigate words where the letters ‘ou’ make the sound ‘uh’ e.g. trouble.

Topic: create a timeline for the Stone Age period.

Further details if needed:


The important thing to remember when you add fractions is that the denominators need to be the same and you only add the numerators. Read the slides below where I explain how it works and then solve the My Maths task.


Before the Easter holidays, you investigated words with the digraphs ‘ow’ and ‘ou’ where it made the ouch sound. The digraph ‘ou’ can also make the ‘uh’ sound as in trouble. Practise spelling words where ‘ou’ makes the ‘uh’ sound using any of the games we use in school. Here are some example words:

You could compare these words with those that make the ouch sound too! I have attached a document with a reminder of some of the activities.


Create a timeline for the Stone Age period. We learnt all about timelines and chronological order during our Roman topic so it will be good to see what you have remembered. All the information on your time line with be in the BC (‘Before Christ section) .

There is lots of information on the internet about this. An example website is here and a slightly simpler one – click here

I have also attached some useful documents to this post below.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy your weekend. Mr Faithfull and Miss Taylor.