Home Learning – 24.4.20

Good Morning and a very happy Friday to you all!

Keep looking at the blog during the day to see if you can spot any of the work that you have shared with us.

There will be new ‘My Maths’ set today so make sure you complete it by next Friday!

Today’s Learning:


Challenge 1: 38

Challenge 2: 768

Challenge 3: 3728

  1. +63 – 21
  2. x 4
  3. divide by 2
  4. +3 squared
  5. Write in Roman Numerals
  6. Round to the nearest 100
  7. x 3 or x 56
  8. Find 1/2 or 6/9s
  9. Find 10% or 64%
  10. Write a word problem using your chosen number and ask a family member to solve it

EXT: Two Primes Make One Square

Flora had a challenge for her friends.  
She asked, “Can you make square numbers by adding two prime numbers together?”

Ollie had a think.
“Well, let me see…  I know that 4 = 2 + 2. That’s a good start!”

Have a go yourself.  Try with the squares of the numbers from 4 to 20.

Once you have had some initial ideas, take a look at how three more of Flora’s friends started the problem: 

Bailey said:”I made the square numbers out of cubes and tried taking a prime number of cubes away and seeing if it left a prime number of cubes.”

Dina said:”I wondered whether noticing that 2 is the only even prime number was important.”

Shameem said:”I listed the prime numbers up to 100 and then I listed the squares of the numbers from 4 to 20.”

Did you go about the task in the same way as any of these children?
What do you like about each method?

Continue working on the problem. You might like to adopt Bailey’s or Dina’s or Shameem’s approach.

Did you find any square numbers which cannot be made by adding two prime numbers together?  Why or why not?


Today you are going to put together your notes, setting description and character descriptions to re-write the story in the video. This needs to be a focused piece of writing with a beginning, middle and end. You should have lots of notes to help you and be able to use lots of description!

Below is the video to watch again if you need to:

I would love to see all of your stories – if you want you could type them on the computer or hand write them to improve your handwriting and then type them up if you can.


Working on from Mrs Harvey’s challenge from yesterday we are going to be continuing with our 1 minute challenges – hopefully you still have the results from before the Easter break with how many different P.E skills you can do in a minute – can you beat this score? Here is a reminder of them:

Star jumps, press ups, sit ups, donkey kicks, high knees, burpees

I wish you all a happy weekend and I will be in touch with you all soon!

Stay safe,

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey