Learning from home – spelling tricky words

Lots of you have been doing some super writing at home! Well done.

We need to make sure we are spelling tricky words correctly, as these can’t be sounded out.

Adults – write tricky words on some paper and put them in a box or container. Ask your child to pick one out, tell you what it is, then turn it over. Then they have to write it down three times in a different coloured pen or pencil. This helps build some memory.

Tricky words we should try to know in EYFS:

I, the, no, my, go, he, we, she, me, they, was, you

If your child knows these and write them in context without support, try these ones:

have, like, all, said, are

We also need to use the letter names rather than the sounds when spelling tricky words.

If you have any questions then please email us on YearR@kelvedonacademy.com