Monday 27th April – Daily Learning Tasks

Miss Taylor and I hope you had a happy, safe and enjoyable weekend. Here are your tasks for today.

Maths: revisit how to find a half and a quarter and complete the questions. See if you can use the same skill on a harder maths challenge called ‘Stained Glass Fractions’

English: watch this clip of the Croods – click here Create a comic strip to show what happened.

Topic: find out about Stonehenge and make a model.

Further details if needed:


The next part of our learning is finding fractions of whole shapes. Let’s re-visit how to find a half and a quarter first and then try it with other fractions in the task. You may need to be resilient with this!


We are going to be using the film ‘The Croods’ for some of our learning during this topic. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the film. You will still be able to do the tasks. If you do want to watch it, it is currently reduced in price on Sky Store!

Watch this clip – click here It shows an exciting scene where some of the characters from the film are hunting for breakfast. Turn the clip into a comic strip. For help on comic strips – click here


Stonehenge is a circle of stones built over 5000 years ago during the Stone Age. There is lots of information about Stonehenge on the internet but this is a good website for children – click here

Here is some more information on the BBC Bitesize website – click here

Make a model of Stonehenge! You could choose to use lego, recycling material or stones from the garden . . . it’s your choice and you can be as imaginative as you wish! You could even email the year3 email address with your finished design.

Here are some photos of Stonehenge and some models already made to help you.