Thursday 23rd April – Daily Learning Tasks

Numeracy : watch this video and answer the questions – click here

Solve the set ‘My Maths’ task on linking fractions to a number line.

Have a go at the fraction and number line quiz on this website – click here

English : create a visitor’s guide for Skara Brae

Topic: WITH THE HELP OF AN ADULT, send an email to the year3 email address. Miss Taylor or I will reply with a link and attachment for some learning on how to use emails safely.

Further information if needed:


Your ‘My Maths’ results from yesterday suggest that everyone understood the tasks – well done! The next part of our fraction learning is on grouping items into fractions and linking fractions to a number line. Watch this video – click here . Answer the questions the teacher asks. Solve the questions on the set My Maths task. Have a go at the quiz that can be found at the bottom of this webpage – click here.


Yesterday you learnt all about Skara Brae. Today we would like you to create a visitor’s guide. A visitor’s guide tells someone about a place they can visit and why they should go. Your guide will need a bold title and colourful presentation. Use writing and pictures and organise your writing into sections with sub headings. Explain what Skara Brae is and where it is located. Talk about what you can see and do there. Use factual sentences and positive, persuasive language to encourage people to go. Perhaps you could include some prepositions from yesterday too. An example is: On top of the hill . . .

Have a look at some examples below:

Topic: ICT

One of our year three ICT areas of learning is sending an email. To send an email you need an email account. For most email providers (such as googlemail) you need to be 13 to open an account so you will need to use an adult’s account or safely set up a new account which you can use together with a grown up at home. Once you have done this, send an email to the year 3 email address (your parents should have a letter with this) and let Miss Taylor and I know how you are getting on. We will then email back some learning on how to use emails safely.