Thursday 30th April – Daily Learning Tasks

Numeracy: learn about fractions of an amount and complete a ‘My Maths’ task.

English: investigate words with the ‘igh’ trigraph

Topic: create an imaginary animal like the ones you find in ‘The Croods’ – click here

Further details:


Fractions of an amount (sometimes also called fractions of a quantity) can be tricky. Read the slides below so you learn how to find a fraction of an amount question. This is a useful skill to use in maths and in everyday life. Then answer the ‘My Maths’ task Miss Taylor and I have set.


Today’s spelling task is to focus on words with the long ‘i’ (pronounced eye) sound where it is spelled using the trigraph (3 letters making one sound) ‘igh’

An example is bright.

This website has example words and activities – click here

Click on any of these buttons at the top of the webpage for more learning on igh


In the film ‘The Croods,’ the characters come across lots of wild animals that are imaginary but based on real life animals with a twist. How many different animals have you spotted?  Can you think of your own creature which combines 2 or 3 different animals together?  What type of characteristics would your animal have?  Can you write some descriptive sentences using different adjectives, prepositions and adverbs?