Tuesday 21st April – Learning Tasks

  • Maths: ‘My Maths’ revision tasks and 4 times table practice
  • English: Watch these videos about prepositions – click here and here. Write your own preposition song.
  • Topic: spot the anachronisms (see below) in this video – click here Draw a picture of Kelvedon today and include some anachronisms – can you ask a family member if they can spot them? Or, create your own Stone age village with your own anachronisms.

Further details if you need them.


After checking yesterday’s ‘My Maths’ results, Miss Taylor and I can see that almost all of you completed the tasks and that you have remembered much of the learning from earlier in the year – well done! Have a go at today’s revision tasks.

If you need help, try some of these links:

  • Try this greater than and less than game that we’ve played in school before – click here
  • number sequence information (it gets a bit in-depth at the end) – click here


Prepositions are words that show the position of something. Examples are: under, over, between or around. Watch the video to learn about lots of different prepositions and then have a go at writing your own preposition song.

This video gives you some more information on prepositions too.


An anachronism is when something from history is placed in the wrong time period. Like dinosaurs running around our school field or a story set in Roman times that includes an aeroplane. Watch the clip of the Flintstones and try and spot as many anachronisms from the stone age period. Then, draw a picture of modern day life in 2020 and include some anachronisms for a family member to try and spot. Alternatively, create your own Bed Rock style Stone Age village with your own imaginary anachronisms.