Wednesday 22nd April 2020 – Learning Tasks

Good morning year 4! I hope the sun continues to shine for you. Here are today’s learning tasks:

Maths: continue to tell the time

English/Topic: animal research

SPAG: apostrophes for possession

Additional: please continue to read, learn your times tables and to keep fit and healthy.

Here is some more information if required:


Here are a range of challenges to convert and tell the time:

‘Worksheet learning’ is not usually the way we learn! Can you make this more exciting? Could you create your own game? Could you create some ‘Top Trump’ cards using time or something similar? How can you use the learning sheets to create a more practical learning session?

SPAG: apostrophes to show possession

In our writing, we can use apostrophes for possession (belonging) or for contractions eg. do not – don’t

Use this BBC online tutorial and quiz to help you learn about possessive apostrophes.

Here is my favourite clip from one of my favourite films! I have used this clip as inspiration to write some example sentences for you using possessive apostrophes:

Sentence examples:

Simba’s claws are extremely sharp.

The monkeys’ heads are sore from falling from the trees.

The Earth’s surface is cracked.

Can you find some more? Could you choose another clip and write your own? How else could you show this learning? You could create something about yourself adding sentences to show possession.

English/topic: research your favourite African animal. Write a fact file about your animal. Include these features:

  • subheadings
  • – ous spellings eg. dangerous
  • their ‘food chain/web/pyramid’
  • scientific language
  • apostrophes for possession

Always remember these are open-ended tasks. They are here to offer guidance and support. You can take these ideas and create/learn in any way that you would like to! Remember you can send your learning to us.

Best wishes,

Miss Reece