Wednesday 22nd April – daily learning tasks

Numeracy: read the attached information about fractions and watch this video – click here.

Complete a My Maths task on fractions.

English: read the information below about prepositions and write some sentences that use prepositions.

Topic: find out as much as you can about Skara Brae and make notes.

More information about the tasks.


Fractions can be a tricky part of learning in maths and often take a bit of time to master. We are going to take it slow and re-visit or introduce new concepts each day. The attached PowerPoint teaches you some basic information about fractions such as: what is a fraction? What do the key words numerator, denominator and fraction bar mean? How can I write what a fraction is? How can I draw a shape to show a fraction?

This video explain things nicely too – click here

Miss Taylor and I have set a My Maths task for you to have a go at.

You can also try this website and play the fraction games – click here


Yesterday, you learnt about prepositions. Prepositions help to add detail in a sentence and can be used at the beginning or middle of a sentence.

Here is an example: I kicked a football. (simple sentence)

I kicked a football in the garden. In the garden I kicked a football. (in is the preposition)

I walked to the park and I bought an ice cream (compound sentence)

I walked over the bridge to the park and I bought an ice cream (over is the preposition)

Before I go to bed I clean my teeth. (complex sentence)

Before I climb into bed I clean by teeth at the sink. (this sentence has two prepositions in)

Have a go at writing your own sentences with prepositions. You could base your writing on things that you do inside your house or maybe use the picture below and base your writing on our Stone Age topic.


Skara Brae can be found on an island off of the coast of Scotland and is an example of a Stone Age settlement (where people lived). Use the links and activities below and any other research you want to find out as much as possible about Skara Brae. You will be using the information for a writing task tomorrow. Make simple notes using keywords – remember that you do not need to write full sentences when making notes.

Information about Skara Brae – click here

Interactive activities about Skara Brae – click here

Visit Scotland info about Skara Brae – click here