Friday 15th May 2020 – Home Learning Ideas

Good Morning year 4. Happy Friday! Here are your learning ideas for today:

Writing: check and edit your writing. Design a front cover for your book.

Maths: symmetrical mosaics

Topic: Daniel and the Lion

Here is some more information:

Writing: well done for finishing your story projects!

A very important skills is to check and edit your writing. Here is a video to remind you what to check. لعبة بوكر

Design a front cover for your book. You could include:

  • a title
  • the author
  • illustrations
  • a blurb at the back to summarise the story

Here is a template for you:

Blurb ideas:

Maths: to finish our symmetry learning for the week, here is an ICT programme where you can make your own symmetrical patterns.


Use your summary skills to write summary sentences about the Daniel and the Lion Story.

Here is the story as a reminder:

You could put your summary sentences into a comic strip and draw pictures.

Enjoy and have a great weekend! It would be great to hear from you via email 🙂