Friday 15th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: watch this video about mass – click here and then have a go at solving these mass scale questions – click here

English: write a modern day newspaper report about an archaeological discovery.

Topic: complete today’s Joe Wicks workout – click here

Further details


Watch this video and learn more about mass – click here

Mass is used to measure how much of something these is. It is an important skill in cooking. We had a look at using a scale for measuring mass earlier this year when we made pancakes.

Use this website to check that you can read the scale correctly and measure the mass – click here

If you have any scales at home, you could practise predicting and weighing different objects.


Click on this weblink to watch a video and read more about writing a newspaper report – click here

Use the attached template or create your own so it looks like a newspaper. Write a newspaper report using yesterday’s plan to tell people about a Stone Age artifact discovery. Use your imagination, the features of a newspaper and include information from a witness.

Include a direct quote or some reported speech from a witness. See the examples below.

A direct quote uses speech marks like the learning for your story writing.

Example: An eye witness called Sally explained, “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what the archaeologists had dug up.”

Reported speech does not use speech marks and explains what someone said.

Example: A local eye witness was overheard explaining that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw archaeologists were removing artifacts from the ground.

Sometimes reported speech doesn’t ‘perfectly’ match what was actually said as newspapers have been known to bend the truth a little or give their own opinion.


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