Friday 22nd May – Daily Learning Tasks

Hello year three. Miss Taylor and I hope that you are getting on well at home and everything is going well. Here are your last set of activities before the half term holidays. We hope you enjoy completing them and you have a happy and safe holiday. Mr Faithfull and Miss Taylor

Maths: complete a maths mystery challenge

English: write a letter to your teacher to let them know how you have been getting on.

Topic: Joe Wicks workout

Further details:


Have a go at the Mystery of the Super Snack. It is attached below. It is a problem solving challenge where you need to use different maths skills.

Question One: reading a graph – we learnt this earlier in the year.

Question Two: greater than, less than and equal to. Again, we learnt this before Christmas. Some of the calculations are a little tricky so think of a good strategy to use.

Question Three: fractions that are worth the same as a half. For a fraction to be worth the same as a half the denominator (bottom number) must be double the top number (numerator). For instance, 5/10 is the same as a half but 7/12 isnt. 5 x 2 = 10 but 7 x 2 doesn’t equal 12.

Question Four: sorting numbers into a chart. We have learnt about odd and even numbers. Multiples means in the times table – like the game multiple wipeout that we play. We haven’t covered ‘factors’ this year. A factor is a number that goes exactly into another number. For instance, 5 is a factor of 20 because it goes in 4 times (5 x 4 = 20)

Ask an adult for help if you get stuck.


Write an informal letter to Miss Taylor or I to explain how you have been getting on at home. What have been up to? What areas of home learning have been your favourite? Have you kept in touch with your friends? How?

Because it is an informal letter, you don’t need to include your address and that means we will be able to upload them onto the blog.


Finish the week off with a Joe Wicks workout to keep your body fit.

Click here for Joe Wicks


  1. Ashlie fitch says:

    i enjoy doing dancing, gymnastics and my maths

  2. Ruby says:

    I am sending a letter

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