Home Learning – 18.5.20

Good morning and happy Monday!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and been enjoying the sunshine! We have begun painting our living room! Another step towards it being completed! What have you all been upto?

Let’s start a fresh this week and enjoy this time that we have at home – below are the activities that you can have a go at:


Today you are going to be collecting data in a tally chart

Week 8: Working with data and uncertainty: 1.4 Tally charts and ...

You can collect any data you would like, here are a few suggestions:

  • Different flowers in the garden or on a walk
  • Different coloured cars you can spot of of your window or on a walk
  • Types of trees in your garden or spotted on a daily walk
  • Types of birds in your garden are spotted on a daily walk

Ext: Match the Matches

Two football teams, Alpha United and Beta Rovers have each played fifteen games in their league.

The data below show how many goals the teams scored in their matches.

There are six different collections of data, three show the results for Alpha United and three show Beta Rovers’ goals. Can you match the data to the teams?

averages alpha
tally chart
pie chart
bar line graph
averages of second team


This week you are going to be script-writing. I will blog the video related to this tomorrow but for today you need to think of all the features a script needs. You can present this in whatever way you want. I find a mind-map is a good start.

Below is a link to some features to check to see that you have included them all.


Research the journey of the River Nile. Where does it go? What countries does it flow through? How is it used? Anything else you can find out. Present this research however you would like.

I would like you to be adventurous as possible with your findings. You could draw the river and then write facts around it, you could build the river using some things found around the house and then write facts, you could record a video of you presenting your findings as a tv programme or a news programme.

Here you may find some useful facts:


You can always research your own – try ‘River Nile facts for kids’

Have a lovely Monday everyone! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey