Home Learning – 6.5.20

Good morning Year 5 and happy Wednesday!

I’ve been learning a new skill this week; how to make up cement using sand, cement and water. I then bricked up a wall in our living room! It was hard work mixing it all up and I found it requires real skill putting the bricks in the correct place! Not sure I will be building any houses soon but it was fun to learn!

Learning for today is –


Today we are learning how to add a positive number to a negative number and how to subtract using negative numbers. For this you may want to either use a number line you made on Monday, draw a new number-line remembering to put ‘0’ in the middle or use this one I have found:

Some of the questions will go lower than -10 and higher than 10 so you may want to extend your number-line if you need.

Ex -6 + 5

Start by pointing at negative 6 and then jump up 5 spaces. This should then leave your finger on -1 which is your answer!

Have a go at these:



Today’s task is to practice your spellings in a creative way.

Some creative ways could be:

Rainbow writing

Bubble writing

Backwards writing

Acrostic writing

Scrabble letters

Making a picture out of the word/letters

These spellings can be found in your yellow books or if you need some different words to practice have a look here:

Choose 5 of these spellings and write them in sentences to show you understand what they mean – use a dictionary to check the definition (if you do not have a dictionary at home you can find them online.


Can you remember the colours you learnt last week in French? Challenge yourself!

Today we are going to be learning about different types of fruit in French! Watch this video to help you:

Design your own market store where you are selling fruit – you can design this just on paper, create it using any junk modelling you’ve got, use real fruit if you have some, get creative using technology if you can to sell your own fruit in France! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Mid-week quote: Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen. – Conan O’Brien

Have a lovely day everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey