Learning Tasks – 21st May

Good morning Year Two. It is Miss Tassier-Gotts setting you your learning tasks today! I hope you are all well and staying safe.


Today’s maths is number bond practise for numbers bigger than 50. You need to work out the number sentence and find the answer, so you know which colour each section needs to be.

Or if you would like another puzzle, see if you can work out what number each shape is in this grid. Clue: Start by trying to solve the squares and triangles first. If you are really stuck, there is a hidden sentence in the black box with the value of the green squares.

The green squares are worth eight.


As Mr Salmon has already mentioned, this week is Mental Health Awareness week. Being outdoors is one way in which people improve their mental health, especially being around nature.

Take a photo, or draw a picture, of somewhere or something outdoors that is special to you. Afterwards, I would like you to write a small paragraph about how that place or thing makes you feel.

I have included a picture of my dogs, who are very special to me, in my garden.

These are my dogs, Henri and Hetti. They are one year apart and are the best of friends. I took this photo because taking them for walks outside helps me to relax. They also keep me company when I am busy planning fun and exciting lessons. When I look at this photo it makes me feel lucky because I am fortunate enough to have this loveable pair live with me.


For today’s writing I would like you to write a brochure. This is an advert for a place. You could choose somewhere you have already been on holiday (you could include photos), for your home (what are the great things about where you live) or for somewhere you haven’t been but would like to go.

In your brochure write about all of the positive things that you can do there. To do this I would like you to use all four types of sentences. I have added an explanation about all four sentence types below.

Here is a quick example.

Visit Scotland

Where else can you see the famous Loch Ness Monster?

Scotland is the number one destination for outdoor sports. You can go cayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and more.

Our mountains are the tallest and gnarliest!

You must book now.