Learning Tasks – 5th May

Good morning Year 2.


Yesterday you were working with the words half, third, quarter and fifth. I know from your emails that you spotted that you could solve this problem using addition, multiplication as well as division. Well done.

Today have a go creating a division tree like I have below. Remember, you can use the methods from yesterday to check that you are sharing equally. What is the most number of branches you can get? What is the biggest tree you can find? Are there any numbers that are really good to choose? Are there any that are bad to choose?

Make sure you use a number that you can share equally


Today, although you might want to spend more than one day on it, I would like you to have a go making a short animation. This could be ICT based using an app (I recommend Stop Motion Studio for Apple devices) or using a stack of post-it notes or card to create the different frames.

I would like your animation to include dinosaurs. You could re-create the story of Dinosaurs and all that rubbish or come up with your own story that includes dinosaurs. Below are some youtube clips that might give you some inspiration, including a stop motion of the story itself.


Today, I would like you to write some speech sentences to go along with your animations. Think about what your characters might say. Then try and turn them into sentences using speech marks.

Things to think about:

  • What is actually being spoken, this has the speech marks not the whole sentence.
  • Make sure you say who is speaking.
  • How might the character be speaking (use words that might describe how you spoke when you read aloud last week).
  • You can start with who is speaking or end with it.

For example:

"There is rubbish absolutely everywhere!" whispered the diplodocus in a shocked voice.

Instead of...

"There is rubbish absolutely everywhere said the diplodocus."

If you need more help writing speech sentences. Espresso has some really good activities and ideas. Search ‘speech marks’ to find them.