Monday 11th May 2020 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4. We hope you and your families enjoyed a nice bank holiday weekend.

Here are your learning tasks for today:

Writing/Topic: Step 5 – Action in your stories

Maths: symmetry

Topic: African Music

Here is some more information if required:

Writing – you should have your setting description and some speech to introduce your characters for you story. Today, move the story on… What action is going to take places? This is the start of your build up.

What skills could you include?

  • complex sentences (until, because, while, although etc)
  • embedded clauses – The lion, who was very fierce, displayed his sharp teeth.
  • Prepositional openers – In the distance,
  • Adjectives and adverbs

Here is a word mat to help you …

Here is an example adventure story. You could magpie some ideas:

Maths: symmetry

There are two My Maths tasks set for you to introduce and assess symmetry. Good luck!

Topic: African Music

Now that you have your drum and an outfit idea, create your own piece of African music.

Try to think about rhythm, duration and tempo:

Here are some ideas:

Can you include your voice using a chant?

We look forward to hearing from you via email. مواقع المراهنات الرياضية

Best wishes,

Have great day!