Monday 4th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: 1. complete a My Maths task on times tables. 2. make up your own fraction word problems

Topic: learn about Stone Age clothing

English: invent your own stone age character and write a character profile.

Further details:


We have set you a times table ‘My Maths’ task and you could use ‘Hit the button‘ to practise your tables too.

You solved some fraction word problems on Friday. Have a go at writing your own fraction problems today. Make sure it is possible to answer them by using numbers that can be split into a fraction.


Find out as much as you can about the clothes and shoes that were worn by Stone Age men and women. There are some screen shots from a PowerPoint below and a web link here – click here.


Use your topic learning to create and draw a Stone Age story character. Use the attached template if you want and make sure you include information about what they look like using adjectives and how they behave using powerful verbs. Use everything you have learnt about the Stone Age so far to make sure your character matches the time period. Do not include any anachronisms!