Thursday 14th May – Daily Learning Activities

Maths: solve the My Maths activity set (read below first)

English: create a plan for a newspaper report about an archaeological discovery

Topic: complete a Stone Age piece of artwork using natural resources

Further details:


Task One: A mixture of measurement questions using a ruler and reading scales for mass (the weight of objects) and liquid. We had a look at this earlier in the year.

Task Two (optional): This task is a bit more challenging and is a mixture of year three and a bit of year four learning. You have to change measurements from one unit to another and sometimes use a decimal point. Have a go and see how you get on! This learning will continue next year.

How to convert between units of measurement:

Change between centimetres and metres: there are 100 centimetres in 1 metre – 100cm = 1m or 1m = 100cm

Therefore 1.2 metres is 120cm and 140cm is 1.4 metres.

Change between millimetres and centimetres: there are 10 millimetres in 1 centimetre : 10mm = 1cm or 1cm = 10mm

Therefore 44mm is 4.4cm and 2.6cm is 26mm


Below are some pictures of Stone Age artifacts that have been found. Begin to plan a newspaper report to tell people about the discovery.

Key questions:

What has been found? When was it found? Where was it found? Who found it? Why is it an important discovery and worth reading about?

Are you going to include a picture with a caption? Was anyone there at the time and told you about it? What did they say?


Below are some photos of artwork completed using natural resources such as leaves and sticks. Complete a piece of artwork about the Stone Age.