Thursday 7th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Good morning year three! Below are your tasks for today. These are the last tasks of the week as Friday is a bank holiday for VE day. See Mr Walsh’s post for your VE day suggested activities – click here

Numeracy: solve a range of money puzzles

English: learn about similes and write some Stone Age examples

Topic: There a range of Stone Age activities for you to try

Further Details:


Continuing our theme of money, here are some links for some different money puzzles for you to try.

The Puzzling Sweet Shop – click here

Money Bags – click here

Five Coins – click here (updated link)

The Money Maze – click here


A simile is a way of describing something by comparing it to something else using the word ‘like’ or ‘as’. We had a brief look at this earlier in the year. Similes are often used in descriptive writing or poems.

Have a go at writing some Stone Age similes and decorate with illustrations. An example could be: The Woolly Mammoth’s tusk was as sharp as a knife or the cave paintings were like a story. You can include some anachronisms if you like.


Here are some Stone Age activities you could to try. There is a word search – you could make up your own afterwards. A recipe that could be made if you have the ingredients. Or a Woolly Mammoth model – you could try and make your own if you feel brave! Have fun and enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Mr Faithfull and Miss Taylor