Tuesday 12th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: complete the set addition revision tasks on My Maths

English: write a shape poem about something from the Stone Age

Topic: learn the months of the year in French – click here

Further Details:


Earlier this year, we learnt lots of calculation skills for addition. Some are mental methods where you calculate the numbers in your head. Others use the column method on a piece of paper. These are important skills that you will need once we return to school. Complete the set My Maths tasks.


Read about shape poems – click here

Write your own shape poem about something from the Stone Age. Maybe you could try and include a simile from last week’s learning. Some poems rhyme but some don’t. You could try and include some rhyming words too.


Watch this video – click here

Learn the French words for the months of the year. Create a calendar with the French months of the year and important dates.