Tuesday 19th May 2020 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4. Here are your learning ideas for the day.

Maths: recapping adding 3 and 4 digit numbers

Writing/SPAG: writing a list

Topic: African Dance

Here is some more information:

Maths: recap of adding numbers



Additional challenges:


Writing: using commas in a list:



Choose a subject of your choice and write some sentence using commas in a list.

Writing EXTENSION TASK: to use a semi-colon and colon in a list

Here is a video tutorial – How to use a semi colon in a list:


The whole point of using a semi colon in a list is to make the different parts of the list obvious.

For example (use a comma for a list):

I went to the supermarket to buy: lemons, bread, milk and cheese.

Here the list is very simple.

An example where you would use a semi-colon:

I went to the supermarket and bought: six juicy lemons from Spain; some thick, crusty bread; a carton of cow’s milk and a block of cheese.

Here is an another example:

Commas needed:

Elephants are large, grey, big-eared animals.

Semi-colons is needed:

Elephants are: one of the largest animals in the world; have thick, grey skin; usually live in hotter countries and some have tusks.

Choose a subject of your choice and write some sentences using a semi colon.

African Dance:

Last week you read about African dance. Can you create and perform your own? اون لاين روليت

Here is a dance lesson for you:

Have a brilliant day!