Tuesday 19th May – Daily Learning Activities

Maths: have a go at a range of rounding actvitities

English: write some sentences that use adverbs – click here

Topic: ICT – complete the hour of code activity – click here

Further details:


Here are some rounding reasoning problems for you to solve. I know some of these links won’t work on tablets – sorry!

Estimate – click here

Reasoned rounding – click here

Round it – closest 10 closest 100 closest 1000

What is my number? (click the clouds) – click here
speed rounding – click here


Adverbs help you to add detail in a sentence – click here

They often, but not always, end in ‘ly’. They add information to the verb (so they add to the verb) and remember that the verb is the action word.


shout (verb) loudly (adverb)

write (verb) carefully or neatly (adverbs)

jump (verb) athletically or high (adverbs)

Adverbs can open a sentence but must have a comma afterwards – they are called fronted adverbials. Adverbs can also come before or after the verb in the sentence but make sure they sound right.

Athletically, the Stone Age man chased the woolly mammoth.

The Stone Age man athletically chased the woolly mammoth.

The Stone Age man chased athletically the woolly mammoth. This doesn’t sound right does it?

Have a go at writing your own sentences that use adverbs. You could use the pictures below to help with your ideas. Adverbs are often used in stories or diaries so maybe that could be the style of your writing?


Back by popular demand . . .

Complete the hour of code task – click here

This coding puzzle links to Minecraft and should take around one hour. Make sure you watch the video and read the on-screen instructions carefully (adverb after the verb which sounds right). Good luck!