Wednesday 13th May 2020 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4. We hope your week began nicely.

Here are your learning ideas for the day:

Writing/topic – Step 7: a resolution

Maths – continuing with symmetry

African Dance

Here is some more information:

Writing: to write the resolution to your story. What is going to happen to make things better? لعب روليت Will a hero save the day?

Here is a video to help support the structure of your story:

Maths: Reflective symmetry

Here is a selection of reflective symmetry challenge cards:

Extension: could you create your own challenge cards with an African theme? Perhaps with animals or patterns.

African Dance:

Here is some reading about the African dance of Diaspora:

Here is an example for you to watch:

We will learn more about this dance later in the week.

Have a great day!