Wednesday 20th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths : use the skill of rounding to help estimate answers

English : continue to practise spelling different homophones

Topic / English: sing the song ‘Ages of Britain’ and write your own Stone Age song.

Further details:


Warm up: answer the My Maths questions on rounding. Rounding to 1000 is more suited to year four learning so have a go and see how you get on.

Rounding is useful to help you estimate the answer to a question. Estimate means to work out a rough answer. Another word for this is approximate or make an approximation.

For instance: if the question is 102 + 79, I could round this to 100 + 80. I can then work this out in my head quickly 100 + 80 = 180

Have a go at the questions below . If you would like more of a challenge, make up your own questions with estimates using three digit numbers.


Continue to practise spelling different homophones. Perhaps you could make a poster with pictures to help you remember the meaning and difference between the pairs of words.

Here are some example words:


Attached below are the words to a song called ‘Ages of Britain’. It is sung to the tune of the wheels on the bus and it gives a summary of the events from the Stone Age period.

Read or sing the lyrics. Can you explain what some of the historical words means? Could you write your own song lyrics that tell a story about the Stone Age period just like this one? You can choose the tune that you want to use. Why don’t you record yourself singing it. Long videos don’t upload to the blog very well but we will try and upload any that get sent it.

Have fun. Mr Faithfull and Miss Taylor.