Wednesday 6th May – Daily Learning Activities

Good morning year three! We hope you are all well. Here are today’s learning suggestions.

Maths – choose your challenge and solve the attached money word problems

English – write an acrostic poem using the phrase ‘Stone Age’

Topic – learn about fossils

Further details:


Yesterday you solved some money puzzles. Today, we would like you to answer the money word problems in the attachment below. Choose your challenge: 1, 2 or 3 star – 3 star are trickiest. Answers can be found at the end.


We are going to look at some poetry now! Use this link to remind yourself what an acrostic poem is – click here

Write your own acrostic poem about our topic using the phrase ‘stone age’ or choose your own from yesterday’s glossary.


We know about some of the animals from the Stone Age through fossils. For instance, here is a video about a Woolly Mammoth that has been preserved in ice – click here

Remind yourself about fossils from your year 2 learning by watching these links: link one link two

You could then have a go at making your own fossil using this link – click here