Google Classroom – Information

From tomorrow years 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be receiving home learning through the Google Classroom platform. You should shortly receive an email with instructions on how to find out your username and login.

As before, tasks will be set daily and will comprise of English, Maths as well as foundation subject activities. For the next few weeks, these tasks will be set by Mr Salmon and Miss Reece.

Although tasks will be set daily, we will not initially be setting deadlines for them to be completed. Nor will you need to log in at certain times to see and access them. Submitting work is done through Google Classroom itself. There is also the option to directly contact Miss Reece and I through Google Classroom. Because of this we you will not need to use the year group emails, although they will still work till the end of the academic year. Further instructions for how to use Google Classroom itself can be found here.

Within Google Classroom, there are lots of tools to make the learning as accessible to all as possible. To enable these please see the Google Classroom instructions here. Miss Reece and I may also set individual tasks for children. This, alongside the accessibility tools, is so that we can best support and challenge the children in this strange time.

There is an option for video meetings within Google Classroom. We will be reviewing how and whether we use this tool based on feedback from yourselves and the children over the coming weeks.