Home Learning Tuesday 2nd June

Good Morning everyone. I hope you had a great Monday and are looking forward to an even better Tuesday. Let’s have a practise of writing the date in a different and fun way today. How about writing it with your finger in the air or with your finger on a hard surface like the table? Now try some bubble writing with pens or pencils on paper. (Don’t forget the capital letters for the day of the week and month of the year. I have decorated mine too. Can you think why I did some of the letters in red instead of blue?

Bubble writing

How is your list of ‘ue’ and ‘ew’ words coming along? You might already have: glue, blue, cue, view, new, newspaper and chew.

Mr Men- Mr Silly

Did you enjoy the Mr Silly story?

Mr Silly does behave in a silly way and he lives in a place that seems quite strange and silly to us- it is certainly different!

Have a look at some of the other characters

Some of the Mr Men Characters- See more below

Would you be able to guess the name of the characters from their pictures?

Who am I?

Create a Character

The character above is Mr Tall in case you hadn’t guessed.

This is Mr Silly and he has a nephew called Master Silly and a niece called Miss Silly

Now, we are going to be writing our own story but first we are going to start with the characters. You need to decide if you are going to write a Mr Silly story and if you are, I will give you lots of help (your character will be called something like Master Silly or Miss Silly so they will look a bit different to the Mr Silly we know but they might behave in a similar way).

If you want to do your own thing then you can make up a different Master …. or Miss….. character (e.g. Master Argue, Miss Arty). What is their character like and will I be able to tell their name from what they look like (Mr Tall), how they behave (Mr Mean), or how they feel (Mr Happy)?

Character Creation Task

Draw, paint or however you want to design your Master or Miss but it will need to be in colour. Label your picture so I know why you have given your character certain things (he might wear two hats on his head and a one shoe on his feet which is silly).

Example: Master Silly

This is just an idea, but I would like your character to be your own.

Think about what it is that makes the picture look like their name. .

You could start thinking about where your character lives (the place that your story is set). Is it Nonsenseland like in the story, or do you have a name of your own?

Ice cream Maths

On Sunday, Trevor tried a special Dog ice cream which he really enjoyed. I had a mint choc chip cone which was delicious.

Next time the ice cream van stops outside my house, I might decide to have a double cone like this one.

There are four flavours available :Vanilla, chocolate, mint and strawberry.

You can put two scoops into each cone. The two flavours can be the same or different. How many different cones can you make?

I’ve worked it out and now it’s your turn.

Here is a sheet you could use to help you-

I am still not sure which one to choose….

It becomes even harder because the ice cream seller has two more flavours available so now the choice is: Vanilla, chocolate, mint, strawberry, peach and lemon. How many different cones can be made now?

Quick Mental Workout

This is your number for today

  • 1  more
  • 1 less
  • 10 more
  • 10 less
  • 9 more
  • 9 less
  • halve it
  • double it
  • 14 + ? = 20
  • 14 + 6 + ? = 32
  • Is it odd or even?
  • 14p What coins could that be?

3 minute Mr Men Physical Workout

See if you can beat your personal best from yesterday.