Home learning Wednesday 3rd June

Wednesday Song

Rainbow Spelling

The ‘d’ is silent in this word.

Write the day in bright colours.

You could write some of the ‘ew’ and ‘ue’ words in rainbow colours.

Try saying the days of the week and the months of the year in order.

Extra challenge: What day comes before Wednesday? What day will tomorrow be? What is the day after tomorrow? What are the weekend days? What month comes before April? Tell me what month was 4 months ago?

Calendar Maths

Calendar Maths: How many days in a week/ months in a year?

English clipart week, English week Transparent FREE for download ...

Add together the number of days in a week to the number of months in a year.

What is the number of days in a normal year? Subtract the number of days in a week.

How many seconds in a minute? Add this to the number of days in a week.

Material Hunt

Check with an adult first.

Have another look at the Mr Men and Little Miss pictures I gave you. Choose one and look carefully at the colours.

Now hunt around the house to see if you can find objects and materials that are the colours of your character. Your adult will be able to tell you if it is ok to use; it is important to be safe and not to upset anyone at home.

Here is one that I did. Do you know who he is?

Can you make a list, or just talk about, materials? I have started a list here.

  • glass
  • plastic

Name an item that is made from each material.

Think about why it is a good material for the job.


Material- Glass

Item- Drinking glass

Why it is a good material for the job? – It is solid/hard, waterproof, see- through (transparent) so it can hold liquid and you can see your drink.

Story Time

You have created your Mr Men character (Master… or Miss….) and thought about where they live so you can plan your story and write the beginning of your story.


If you are happy to get on by yourself then here is a blank plan to help you organise your ideas. Remember a story needs to have a problem which can be solved. You can draw your own plan if you prefer.

If you would like a bit more help then this next story mountain shows how the original story could be sorted into the beginning (and build-up) Middle (problem and starting to solve) and ending (problem solved and finishing off). The words in red could be used in your story, and the questions are to help you think about what to write.

The pictures below show roughly where we need to get up to today.

Can you spot statements, questions and commands?

Questions will have the ‘?’

Statements give us a fact, idea or opinion.

Commands tell someone to do something and normally bossy verbs are used (imperative verbs) e.g. Go, Put, Write…

An exclamation is a statement with strong emotion (surprise, excitement, delight, anger…) and will have the punctuation mark !

Try to use questions, statements and exclamations in your writing.

Remember to use different sentence openers. Some will be time openers such as:

  • First,
  • Then,
  • Next,
  • Finally,
  • After that,
  • Just then,
  • The next day,
  • Eventually,

Have Fun!