Learning from home – Going on a ____ hunt

Morning Reception. Today I thought we could go on a hunt. Watch this clip of Michael Rosen going on a bear hunt to help you think about what you might need to do and where you might need to go!

Now, I would like you to go on your own hunt. This could be through your home or outside as part of a walk. What are you going to look for? This could be an animal you know lives close, or a mythical animal like a dragon or unicorn!

I have included a bit of my own hunt for the Sock Monster that mysteriously eats socks in my house…

Adults – In the video there are lots super of describing words. You could encourage the children to come up with a word to describe what they encounter. You could also support with words that share sounds (like squelch/squerch and swishy/swashy in the video). The repetitive nature of the story aids recall and can support retelling the story more than once. If you capture any images or clips of your own hunts, I would love to see them.