Learning from home – Incy Wincy Spider

Morning Reception. Today’s tasks involves the nursery rhyme spider Incy Wincy and is a 2 player game.

You will need a dice or a spinner and to draw a waterspout with divisions (ideally equally spaced) along it. Optionally, you can add numbers i.e. 0-20 along the waterspout.

You will also need something to represent Incy Wincy.

Each player must choose if they are the rain (washes the spider down to zero) or the sun (helps the spider climb up the numbers).

Take it in turns to roll the dice or spinner to find out how many divisions to move Incy Wincy. The first to get Incy Wincy to the top or bottom of the waterspout is the winner.

Adults – This game is really open ended and the learning can take many different directions. Using a numbered waterspout can be really good for discussions about where Incy Wincy will land if a particular number is rolled i.e. addition or subtraction, for those that are ready for it. If playing without a numbered waterspout, you can have discussions around how close Incy Wincy is to the end, how many turns it might take to get to the end, what number would need to be rolled to reach the end etc. It could lead on to making a new game and practising writing the numbers in order, or even focusing on spiders and other minibeasts (something I know the children have been doing in school).