Learning from home – Symmetrical patterns

Good morning. Today I would like you to spend time looking around you for reflected patterns. This could be at home or outside. Look carefully at the patterns. Are they exactly the same on both side or a little different. How many similarities can you spot, what differences are there?

Here are some of the reflected patterns I have noticed out and about this week:

Now have a go creating your own reflected pattern. There are lots of ways to do this.

One messy fun way to do this is to fold a sheet of paper in half, then paint your pattern onto one side (the more colours the better), finally squash the paper together and unfold it so see your reflected pattern.

Another more challenging activity is to have someone paint or draw a pattern to copy. Again fold a piece of paper in half but then unfold it straight away, draw a pattern or design on one side for someone else to copy. You will really need to think carefully about where things will go if you choose this activity.