Learning from home – The Hungry Caterpillar

Morning Reception. Today I would like you to do some writing.

Hopefully, you are familiar with Eric Carles Hungry Caterpillar story. There are animated versions available online if you need to recap.

In the story the caterpillar eats a whole range of foods each day. I would like you to have a go writing your own version including some of your favourite things to eat. You could have a hungry caterpillar like the story or change it to something else.

I would really like you to focus on your letter formation and the numbers in your story. Try to make sure your letters and numbers are the right way around and that the tall letters reach up nice and high, the deep letters down low with the other letters in the middle. And don’t forget a picture of the food with a nice big hole in it!

I have included an example of the letter formation we are focusing on in Reception at the moment.

Note the starting point (the circle) for letter family 3

Adults – The main focus of this tasks is the formation and presentation of the letters. Don’t worry too much if the spellings don’t immediately make sense. Encourage the children to recount what they have written and to encourage spotting any letters that are nor formed correctly (again try not to aim for every letter to be perfect but for it to be recognisable). It can help to model writing a page to demonstrate correct formation. Also, making mistakes yourself and editing them can bolster confidence when the children come to self edit their own work.