Year 1-2 Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

From Monday 1st June, we will be your home learning team.

We will take it in turns to set your work and respond to your emails, with me (Mrs Harvey) starting this week whilst Mrs Hewitt is working in school. Mrs Hewitt will set your work the following week whilst I am in school but your home learning tasks will be posted each day as normal. If your child doesn’t understand a task, then please email on their usual email address and we will respond as quickly as possible.

We will aim to blog examples of children’s learning that we receive. The most effective way is through photos as these blog very well. Please note that any pictures we receive could well be selected to be blogged following our E-safety Policy. If you do not want a picture to be blogged, then please do not send it to us or make it clear in the email.

We hope that your children have an enjoyable experience with our home learning.

All the best,

Mrs Harvey and Mrs Hewitt