Year 1 and 2 learning 10/06/20

Good Morning Years 1 and 2. The sun has been shining and its time to take our learning outside!

Geography: Take a walk to a landmark near you. Maybe a local shop or a close relative (wave hello whilst you’re there!) Try and look out for road names, landmarks such as schools, banks, even a beautiful tree! It may help to ask your adult to take photos as you will need this for your learning tomorrow.

English: Let us remind ourselves of the story of Lost and found.

Imagine you are at home and your doorbell rings… You open up the door… What animal would you like to find there? It could be a lion, dolphin or even a worm! Can you investigate where you animal originates from? You may know already. Can you draw your animal and then use some adjectives (describing words) to describe it around the picture. Think about what they look like and what would their personality be like? Here is an example to help you.

Maths: Measuring. First, can you order the penguins in height order from smallest to largest? Can you then investigate how tall each penguin is by measuring them. You can measure in anything you like as long as it is the same object. For example coins, cubes, pen lids, skittles! Extension: Can you measure them in cm using a ruler?

Mrs Hewitt