Parent Workshop – Reading

The children will start to bring books home from our school library next week. Once the book has been read, they can quiz the book using Accelerated Reader. Children will quiz in school on a Thursday, hand the book back at the end of the day and pick a new book on Friday. They will then have until the following Thursday to finish the book. Books returned will be cleaned and isolated for at least three days before they are used again.

Children will choose books that match their ZPD level. The ZPD level is worked out by Accelerated Reader by assessing the children’s ability to read words, understand their meaning and answer reading questions.

The ZPD level will match books to your child’s reading ability. If you want to read other books at home you can check what the books ZPD level is using this website – AR Book Finder

However, reading books with a higher ZPD is fine but it is likely they will need help reading and understanding words or engaging with the meaning of the text.

It is vital you hear your child read regularly. This will improve fluency, develop expression and improve their comprehension if you ask them questions. Here is some general advice:

  • encourage them to use their phonics to sound out unfamiliar words – don’t let them just guess or tell them what it says. Break the word down into its individual sound(s). Sometimes it will be one letter making a single sound and sometimes two or three. Example: break – b r ea k.
  • BUT . . . remember that some words can’t be sounded out (tricky words) and just need to be known.
  • Pick certain words and ask them what they think they mean? Can they use the context of the text or sentence to have a sensible guess if they don’t know?
  • Ask them general questions to see if they have understood what they have read. See the document below for possible questions.