Talking about Halloween

We are excited about Halloween! As we follow a flexible curriculum which allows us to follow children’s interests, today at Snack we talked about Halloween. One of the children had made a spooky picture during Independent Learning so this sparked a conversation. We then used Espresso to found out more about it. We saw a photo of pumpkins being grown on a farm and found out that they can be different colours. They don’t grow under the ground but on a plant.

“It’s kind of a festival or celebration.”

“You dress up.

“You get sweeties.”

“I went to the Pumpkin Patch.”

“It’s spooky and scary.”

“I’ve already put up my Halloween decorations.”

“I’m going to dress up as the Hulk!”

“I was a spider.”

A spooky picture – can you spot the pumpkins outside the witch’s house?